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3/26/15 Up!    Just Added 15 New Models
 Kiku 5 New Models + KM-630 G. Tanto is Back (Final Batch)
Koji Hara 2 New Models
HIRO 5 New Models + 1 Rescue Tool + Traditional Forged Kiridashi & Axe
1 / 20 / 15 UP!!
     Long Awaited Mr. Itou "Higonokami Folders" are Back in stock!
                     Mr. Itou R-2 Custom Damascus IT-930 Higonokami Folders
12/3/14 Up! 2 New Models from Kiku & New "Yadake" Bamboo Folder from Koji Hara

11 / 27 / 14 UP!!
Just Uploaded 69 New Arrivals for your Holiday and Christmas Season!!

                     Mr. Itou R-2 Custom Damascus Knives

                      Total 26 Best selling collection of 14 Drop Point Hunters, 10 Utility Hunters and 2 Camp & Trail Knives.
 Ultimate Forging Knives from Echigo Master Blacksmith, Tsukasa Hinoura & Japanese Traditonal Froged Kiridahsi and Tailor Shears

    3 Masterpieces by Master Hinoura's Forging Technique & 2 Traditional Kiridashi by Aomori Blacksmith Nigara & 4 Professional Tailor Shears from Sanjyo

                The Distinctive World of Art Knives by Japan's Top Custom Knifemaker, Koji Hara & His son, Dew Hara

12 New Models received at Seki Knife Show

The Most Powerful Tactical Knives by the Grinding Master, Kiku Matsuda

       Kiku is aggressively producing new products. Just added 10 New Models

New Products from Master Forge-Smiths Takeshi Saji's Apprentices, Nomura, Nakayama & Katayama

       Master Saji is now devoting his time to teach his forging technique to his 3 apprentices. Here are 12 New Products from them

 11/20/14!    Just Added 10 New Models
 Kiku 10 New Models &P Old Model Back
 11/15/14 Up!    Added 12 New Models from Koji & Dew Hara

Koji Hara & His son, Dew 12 New Models
11/2/14 Up!    Just Added 4 New Models
HATTORI KD30-Medaka Desert Ironwood versions + KD30-3718 Cowry-X Utility Hunter + Higonokami Folder with VG-10 and Cowry-X Damascus are back in tock
IM-110 Smaller version of Ittouryu Hammer Forged Higonokami & Arrow Head Damascus Money Clip

9/28/14 Up!    Just Added 12 New Models
 Kiku 1 New Models of KM-445 Stout Spear
HATTORI 2 New Models + Factory Found Specials
9 Custom Lockback Higonokami Folders & Skull Damascus Money Clip

8/22/14 Up!    Added 30 New Models!

Master Seizo Imai Memorial Sale
Traditional Hammer Forged Higonokami
8/12/14 Up!    Added 14 New Models!

Mr. Goto Dual Cores Damascus Knives, MOKI Mini Pendants & Ho-Ei Pruning Shears
7/30/14 Up!    Added 15 New Models!

Kiku 2 New Model
Mr. Itou 13 New Models

 5/26/14 Up!    Added 9 New Models
Enjoy the Mcusta Video by Rick Averill

Kiku 5 New Models & Many US Special Prices
HATTORI 2013 Year Limited Edition Knife
Takeshi Saji TS-100S Hibiki, Smaller blade version
2 New Models from Mr. Kei Goto

 4/05/14 Up!    Just received 30 New Models from Mr.Itou. Mr. Itou Pages 

Hattori Special Carbon Steel Hunters at HATTORI
3/23/14 Up!    Added 6 Kiku New Models
Kiku New Models
1/30/14 Up!    Added 2 More Kiku New Models 
Added 2 New Rainbow Damascus Models!

Kiku 2 New Models
Takeshi Saji 2 New Models
1/12/14 Up!    Added 2 More Kiku New Models 
1/07/14 Up!
Added 3 New Models!

Kiku 4 New Models
Takeshi Saji 1 New Model
 12/10/13 Up!    Added 36 New Models right for Xmas Delivery!

Kiku 6 New Model
Mr. Itou 4 New Models
13 New Models from Mr. Goto, Mr. Yanagida, Moki and Mr. Miura

Koji Hara & His son, Dew 19 New Moels
11/07/13 Up!    Just received 39 New Models from Mr.Itou. The Biggest Collections Ever for upcoming Holiday Season! at Mr. Itou Pages 
9/28/13 Up!    Mr.Imai's SI-1178 CustomWestern Higonokami & Blackjack FM-II Mamba Folders and Mr. Goto GH-20 Custom Higonokami are back at Specials
9/15/13 Up!    Added New Mcusta MC-183 Ieyasu Tokugawa 
 8/17/13 Up!    Added 4 New Models

Kiku 2 New Model
Mcusta MC-184 and MC-185 Rikyu
7/27/13 Up!    Added 22 New Models

Kiku 4 New Model
Mr. Itou 12 New Models
Six Custom Knives from Hiroshi Suzuki
5/22/13 Up!    Added 4 New Models

Kiku 1 New Model
Mr. Imai 4" Drop Point Huner with Quince Burl Wood Handle
Japanese Traditional Higonokami & Razor
5/10/13 Up!    Added New 11 Models from Mr. Katoh "Excalibur" and Seki Knife Show, Part II (Mr. Nakamura & Mr. Yanagida) at :
Specials Page 
4/10/13 Up!    Added Some New Models
Mr. Itou Some Models are back

Kiku 2 New Models
 3/12/13 Up!    Added New Models for Mr. Imai Western Higonokami, HIRO Traditonal Forge Knife and Mcusta "Crane" Damascus Scissors at :
Specials Page
2/01/13 Up!    Added 33 New Models for New 2013 Year!
Takeshi Saji 15 New Models
Kiku 2 New Models
Mr. Imai 4 New Models
Japanese Shears 12 New Models

12/08/12 Up!    Added 3 New Kiku Models & Some Exciting Models are back for Holiday Season!

Kiku 3 New Models
 12/05/12 Up!    The Most Popular Mr. Itou Higonokami Folders are back!
Mr. Itou Higonokami Folders
 11/11/12 Up!    Added 19 New Models for Holiday Season!
Mr. Itou 35 New Models

Kiku 11 New Models
11/05/12 Up!    Added New models for Holiday Season
New Collections from Seki Knife Show, Athro Damascus Sommelier knife, Mcusta Butterfly Damascus Scissors at SPECIALS

Mr. Imai New Loveless Collections at SI-1300 SERIES and New Handle 4" Drop Point ATS-34 Hunter at SI-900 SERIES

Hattori KD30-841 & 845 Cowry-X Damascus Utility Hunters at HATTORI

9/28/12 Up!    Long Waited Hattori #3717 Ebony Tanto & #3718 Ebony Hunter, and HR-701 Hiro Wood Carving Set are back! 
 8/20/12 Up!    Added 3-inch blade version of Loveless Drop Point Hunter!

Mr. Imai SI-1300 Series New Damascus Patterns
8/09/12 Up!    Added 11 New Models!
Kiku 5 New Models & Some Popular Models are back

Mr. Kei Goto Hand-Carved Wooden Handle Higonokami 
 8/05/12 Up!    Added 78 New Models!
Traditional Craftsman, Takeshi Saji New Products

 8/01/12 Up!    Added 17 New Models!
Mcusta 16 New Models

Mr. Imai SI-1310 New Damascus Drop Point Hunter

Hattori Bob Lum Hunters are back!

5/29/12 Up!    Mcusta DDS-170D VG-10 Damascus Scissors is Back at Special

Some Best Selling Kiku Knives are Back at Kiku!
 5/14/12 Up!    Added New Hidden tang version of HT-70 Hattori Urbane Huner, and the H-30 Field Hunter is back!
Hattori HT-70H & H-30
 5/03/12 Up!    Added 19 New Models!
Mr. Itou 15 New Models

Kiku 4 New Models

4/04/12 Up!    New Mcusta Model & Hattori Back in Stock!
Hattori H-568 & Medaka are back
Mcusta MC-11D with New Handle

3/26/12 Up!    Added 14 New Models including SHSS Specials!
Kiku New Models
3/16/12 Up!    Long waited Famous Hattori Fighters are back!
FT-100 Hattori Fighters
11/29/11 Up!    Added 60 New Models in time for Holiday Season Delivery!

Hattori Commemorative Edition for Master Craftsman Award

Mr. Itou New 52 Models of Best Selling Collections

Sommelierr Knives, HIRO New Machetes & New Higonokami Collection
10/27/11 Up!    Added 17 New Models!
Kiku from Seki Knife Show
9/24/11 Up!    Added 3 New Models!
Kiku 1 New Model

Hattori 2 New Models
8/01/11 Up!    Added 6 New Models!
Kiku in the Tactical Knives Magazine
7/16/11 Up!    Added 9 New Models!
Kiku Atlanta Blade Show Specials
5/27/11 Up!    Added  New Models!
Mr. Itou 40 New Best Selling Collections

Moki New Model & Mr. Goto Higonokami

Kiku First Chef Knife
3/12/11 Up!    Added 13 New Models!
Kiku 13 New Models

Hattori 4 New Models
2/09/11 Up!    Added  New Models!

Mcusta Damascus Scissors & Custom Made knives by Mr. Hirose & Mr.Goto

5/19/08 UP!   Seizo Imai

        Added New Loveless Models

imai.jpg Enjoy the world of Precision Replicas

Custom Knife Maker Mr. Itoumr. itou photo.jpg

   11/2/07  UP!

  Just Arrived! 

   Mr. Itou R2 Custom Damascus Knives

       Added 19 New Models and

                     some "Sold Out" Models are back

     We have just received bunch of his best selling small Utility  knives with  variety of rare handle materials, and of course, with his hammer forged R2 Damascus blades famous for the sharpest edge and longer edge retention.


 kiku1.jpg  10 / 24 / 07   UP!!


 Added 18 New Models and 

some sold out models are now available

                 Koji Hara/JKD Special EditionImg303.jpg  

10 / 15 / 07 UP!!


   Hottest News!


  JKD has worked with renowned Japanese top custom knife maker, Koji Hara to create Koji's famous Bamboo design Kiridashi knives made exclusively for JKD customers.


 Available in four different models for the limited quantity of 30 pieces per model.



  9 / 29 / 07   UP!!

Just Arrived!

 Mr. Saji New Items

  We are pleased to add four (4) new models from Mr. Takeshi Saji.

  These are his personal best selection for JKD from his hundreds of models produced so far.

TS-85 Koto Ós


TS-90 Yoshitsune `o

TS-95 Nosabaki 삳΂

TS-100 Hibiki



Kiku won the Award at Blade Show!

Added Two new models and updated the in-stock models.

See more photos for the Blade Show at Knife Show page

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